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02-Market Garden

City Homestead Market Garden


The Market Garden section of City Homestead is the behind the scenes and business plan of gardening for profit.  Our open source approach at market gardening gives details, from start to finish on set up, along with day to day operations plans.

The journal entries are about trial, error, lessons learned, concept development, planning, implementing the plans, and maintaining the business.


Market Garden site:  November 1, 2017.

CSA: Spring 2018 – Please check Our Little Homestead for details about the Community Supported Agriculture crop schedule. (Link opens in new window.)

The market garden is being prepared for Our Little Homestead’s grand opening in March, 2018, so that leaves the rest of 2017 and through the winter to learn!

Come along on our journey and join our market garden community!

Got a market garden already?

We are organizing a City Homestead Community Group for market gardening and Cottage Foods.  This group will meet regularly and provide support for your business venture!  This group will also be open to those who are thinking about starting a market garden.   Please contact us and let us know if you are interested.  Planning begins in December, 2017.


  • Get access to the market garden site at a discount.
  • Bulk ordering of supplies.
  • Shared tools and equipment.
  • Commercial kitchen access for your Cottage Foods.


(Content will start November 1, 2017)

  • Concept Development
  • Office Set Up
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Cottage Food Act
  • Business Plan
  • Master Garden Plan
  • Operations Manual
  • Soil Building
  • Supplies
  • Crop Notes
  • Product Notes
  • Potting Shed
  • Seedling Nursery
  • Planting & Care
  • Harvesting
  • Washing Station
  • Cold Storage
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution


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  1. Add all the September and October journal entries.

  2. Member page.

  3. Set up Market Garden section.

  4. Finish adding content to the Action Plan.

  5. Add inspiration photos to the action plan > to schedule

  6. Set up bee binders.