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Our Market Gardening section is open now.  We start planting on January 31st.  [ Click to visit ]

Upcoming Content


Journal entries showing what we’re working on, updates, what we think and why we think it, etc.  Though we may not post on a daily basis, when we do add journal entries, the post will most likely identify additional content.  Example:  We might be working on a project and when we post an update, we may also add something to the project list, or to our action plan.


We use critical, urgent, routing and tasks to schedule to manage our tasks.  If a post contains a to do item that is labeled critical, we add the post to the critical page under the ACTION PLAN widget.  (requires membership plan to view details of our tasks)


Monthly  chores:   We keep a monthly calendar of chores that have to be done as we identify them.

Action Plan: Live video event.  Once a month we will video stream our action plan.  Tentatively set for the middle of the month, because it gives us two weeks to work on our action plan tasks, then we have the meeting, then we have two weeks to make corrections and updates.  Members will have a chance to interact with us and ask questions.

No date set for when this will begin.  We are still adding videos to the journal right now.



  • Planning for the market garden.
  • Planning for the bakery.
  • Planning Cottage Foods.    (Tennessee Cottage Food Law)


  • Plant early crops.
  • Test bakery recipes.
  • Pond planning for Our Little Homestead.


  • Set up bakery.
  • Test bakery recipes.
  • Pond construction for Our Little Homestead.


  • Add fish to the pond at Our Little Homestead.


  • Soft opening for the bakery.


  • Planning the coffee house.

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  1. Get caught up with videos.

  2. Set up bee binders.

  3. Add infrastructure page.