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Back to Tennessee – Will this be the last time?

Tennessee doesn’t feel like home.  It feels more like a place where we show up once and a while, only to leave again.  Wesley and I had just finished working an estate sale in Maryland.  It has been like this since 2009; back and forth, back and forth.   A short time in Tennessee and a long time in Maryland.  It really doesn’t feel like we have roots anywhere.  Our job causes us to travel and we have stayed in countless houses in Tennessee and Maryland.

My heart longs to be in Tennessee but my bank account requires travel. What happens if we just say no more? What if we just make this trip back to Tennessee our last one, and we see if we can earn enough income in our own state?
Our Little Coffee House

Is it a homestead or not?

Our Little Homestead came about as a desperate plan to grow produce for Our Little Coffee House, which was failing miserably.   We closed down the coffee house because we couldn’t find suppliers willing to work with a start up business, and we couldn’t meet their minimum shipment requirements.  We were buying our ingredients at retail prices and that is not a wise decision on any level in business that requires an inventory like ours did.

We had no idea we would end up back in estate liquidation after we opened that coffee house.  We thought the coffee house would be our career until we retired.  We also didn’t know Our Little Homestead would turn out like it did.  It’s impossible to be an estate liquidator and a homesteader if you have to travel for work.

I was planting my first garden, small as it may be, when the call came for us to leave again.  The homestead would die, again, and when we returned, the weeds will have take over, again.  It didn’t feel like home anyway.

We wanted nothing more than to stop dividing our attention between estate liquidation and homesteading, because the two do not mix well.

Homesteading requires a commitment to plant on time, harvest on time, and do all the chores in between.  If one plants seedlings, then goes on a road trip for work, one comes back to dead seedlings.  But still, there is no way of knowing how long we had between estates.  Truth be told, we wanted an estate in Tennessee but that wasn’t happening.

There is so much to tell about Our Little Homestead and Our Little Coffee House and there will be time for that, but right now, something has happened that must take priority.  We have to look at an estate in Tennessee, that we may or may not get.

Estate liquidation pays the bills…sort of.

A few years ago, we were in Maryland and drove home to Tennessee to look at an estate.  As with every estate, there is a decision to make on whether or not we will take the account.  But first, we have to at least look, so we made the drive home.Back to Tennessee

The estate was in Oak Ridge, not too far from Our Little Homestead.  When we arrived at the estate, we were thrilled!  It was a house full of stuff and we accepted the account.  We went home, relieved that we had an estate in Tennessee.  We were waiting for our start date to arrive and when it did, we showed up after our client left the house for good.

Devastated, I looked around in disbelief.  The house was nearly empty.

“What happened?” I asked, not caring what the answer was.  I already knew.   Family spat.  We see it a lot.  Someone has to empty a house out, but another family member wants to go shopping.  And shop they did!

There was nothing left for us to do because all that was left was yard sale stuff.

It was a long way back to Maryland but at least there was work there and we had to pay bills.

Today we get another call.  We have another estate to look at in Tennessee, so we make the drive back home, and once again, we go through the second process of getting an estate.  Property assessment.  If you’re wondering what the first process is, it’s marketing.  That process is why we don’t have a successful Tennessee estate liquidation business.  We don’t market it enough to matter.  It’s easier to go where there is a steady income, even if your own homestead goes to the weeds.

Could we have abundance in Tennessee?

Will we ever know if we could have had years of success in Tennessee if we would have just marketed Estate Freedom.  Some times fear gives way to logic and you take the less frightening path in life.  We did.

Like I said, there is so much to tell about the unknown story behind Our Little Homestead and the coffee house.  We’ll get to that, but first, there is another story that is happening right now, and so we will tell that story first.

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