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Carrot Spice CakeGet our Carrot Spice Cupcake recipe! [ Click here ]  Your purchase will help us build a market garden and bring affordable nutrition to our communities.

Our Market Gardening section is open now.  We will continually add content to the site as our garden season progresses throughout the year.  [ Click to visit ]

Barter With Us

We get it…there are a lot of homestead channels to watch, and in order to keep up with your favorites, you have to pay to get into premium sites.  Let me explain why we also have a premium site.

It is very expensive to run a Web site.  Here are just a few of the costs:

  • Hosting:  (We host with TMDHosting) $116.85 payable quarterly, and this does not count extras, such as the SSL certificate.
  • Video streaming fees (We host our videos with Vimeo)
  • Merchant fees
  • Software and plugin purchases
  • Domains
  • Cameras
  • Our time, which is very valuable considering we have to make a living, whether our time is spent producing content for our sites, mucking a chicken coop or growing a vegetable.

We want you to be able to afford to get into our premium site, and if it’s a matter of the monthly fee, which we understand can add up when you are watching several homestead channels, then let’s discuss another plan.


We have two monthly subscription packages.

  • $2 for a total of $24 / year
  • $5 for a total of $60 / year

We also have the following products that are a one-time purchase (no renewal fee):

  • Market Garden Membership $45
  • Duck to Swan Membership $15

If you have anything of value for $24 – $60 that we need, let’s trade!  There is one need that is the easiest to do online and that is marketing for us.

Take a look at our Resources Needed page and see if you have anything we can trade you for a full year membership in our premium site.  If you don’t see anything on the list that we can trade, check back again because we will update the list as our needs change.  You can also contact us and let us know if you have something you would like us to consider trading.

Go Behind The Scenes!
Want to go behind the scenes and watch our member's only videos, get detailed plans, and join our community?  Visit the [About This Site] for more details.

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