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Bee not afraid

Bees everywhere!  It doesn’t feel like work when I arrive at Secret Haven. It should, but it doesn’t.  I finish my chores at Our Little Homestead and I look forward to the chores at Secret Haven.  Weeds and all, but it doesn’t make sense that I eventually want to be in the weeds working.  I’m afraid of spiders.  Yes, those tiny little creatures that makes me a giant compared to them.  I’m sure they are there but I want to tackle the weeds.

I also want to take care of the bees. Baby steps.

Lessons Learned

  • Bees aren’t as bad as my mind makes them out to be.
  • It’s normal for them be on the front entrance like what’s in the video.
  • They aren’t aggressive like my mind makes them out to be. In fact, they are a joy to watch!

Bees in Tennessee

  • The right to keep bees is protected under the Tennessee State Apiary Act of 1995.
  • They need to be registered with the State of Tennessee.
  • They can’t be moved without a certificate of health from the State of Tennessee.
  • They are great for market gardening.


  • I was right.  They are in the weeds!

Bee Not Afraid



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