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Can’t save the chickens

My heart aches because Animal control is going to take the chickens away.

Can't Save The ChickensI have thought over and over again how to keep the chickens and ducks. No matter how I slice it, the city is not going to give us time to find homes for them. I have called around looking for homes and I’m running out of time to save them.

It’s very frustrating.

When I first learned my uncle’s animal care routine, I never thought I would get attached to the little critters. That’s not supposed to happen, but this place is different. For one thing, I’ve never done an estate like this before. For another, I like stooping down in the coop and watching the chickens eat and scratch around.

Get back to work!

I don’t know why I like watching them and the bunnies. I go down there and talk to them when I should be working. I can always tell when I’ve been there too long because Wesley or Matthew comes down. Perhaps to check on me or maybe to get me to go back to work.

The chickens are friendly but not all of them will come up to me. They’re afraid, but several of them will walk over to me as if I’m their friend. It’s comical to watch them.

If one of them gets startled, they are all startled. If one of them has a piece of food in their beak, they all want it, even though there is enough identical food for each of them to have their own portion.

Naming the rabbits.

Only Bucky has been named for now. If you start naming animals and they have to leave then it makes it worse. Bucky’s name started out as a joke because he’s a buck. The name stuck.

I am reminded of the piece of paper animal control left for me. They only gave us forty-eight hours to contact them. I called them but I don’t have any choice but to give up all the birds. The best case scenario was to make it to the estate sale days so we could sell them, but that’s not going to happen. I have been given until next Thursday to get rid of all of them.

I feel like I have let the birds down and they are going to end up in little boxes after having been in a nice home.





I know that sound as it interrupts my peaceful moments watching the chickens.

Time for some serious clean up.

Matthew is a bundle of energy that spills out in his work ethics. He immediately springs to action to help the driver back into the very narrow area they have in order to deliver the dumpster. He hollers down to me but I was already on my way. He just seemed to know what to do, so I let him. He didn’t need me to tell him what he was already doing.

A large tree branch was dangling over the driveway and it was in the way. It looks like it either died and split, or perhaps lightning hit it and split it so a large portion was dangling.

Wesley and Matthew had to be creative in getting it trimmed because we didn’t have a chain saw.










A bit of trimming here and there and the dumpster was put in place. Now it’s time to get to some real work. The chickens are not work because it’s more like being on break.


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