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Morning Routine

Our Morning Routine

Sometimes I ponder how I end up in the places I do. Is it Divine intervention or just by chance? I have been away for so long that I have forgotten the joys of childhood. I only know the pressures of being an entrepreneur on a path that seems as though YHWH is against.

It has been less than a week and I feel as though I’m supposed to be taking care of the animals and that my former lifestyle is not who I am. Perhaps Mommy Jean and Dad were on the right track when I was growing up in that small town.

We used to pick rocks out of a very large garden, and my brother, Frank, was known as the Limestone Cowboy. I don’t know who started it, but it was funny then, and it’s funny now. We had to carry limestone rocks out of the garden, but I swear the rocks grew in the garden. I still get stuck on the well known tune, but replaced with limestone.

Mommy Jean and Dad, whom called himself Hermit Dad, had many plans for our 120 acres. It was a farmer’s dream, but that isn’t the only [Click headline title to read more…]

Can’t save the chickens

Can't Save The Chickens

My heart aches because Animal control is going to take the chickens away.

I have thought over and over again how to keep the chickens and ducks. No matter how I slice it, the city is not going to give us time to find homes for them. I have called around looking for homes and I’m running out of time to save them.

It’s very frustrating.

When I first learned my uncle’s animal care routine, I never thought I would get attached to the little critters. That’s not supposed to happen, but this place is different. For one thing, I’ve never done an estate like this before. For another, I like stooping down in the coop and watching the chickens eat and scratch around.

Get back to work!

I don’t know why I like watching them and the bunnies. I go down there and talk to them when I should be working. I can always tell when I’ve been there too long because Wesley or Matthew comes down. Perhaps to check on me or maybe to get me to go back to work.

The chickens are friendly but not all of them will come up to me. They’re [Click headline title to read more…]

This is not really happening is it?

Knoxville Police

Note to self: Always have a copy of your business license, your contract and permission to be on a property you are setting up for an estate sale.

Have you ever seen an estate liquidator during the initial clean up phase, in the heat of the summer?

Yeah. It’s not a pretty picture.

I once tried to wear makeup at work and it was the most uncomfortable feeling as the hot sun heats up my face. The makeup feels like it slithers down my cheeks and falls to the ground. On top of that, my hair is a matted mess in a pony tail, because styling it makes no sense when you’re going to clean a house from top to bottom.

The whole crew looks like they’re worn to a frazzle by the time the day is over. Moving furniture is not easy at all, and especially not in the heat of Tennessee, but we are about to get a little added heat.

It looks like we are stealing, but we aren’t!

Matthew was moving metal around and Samantha was…I don’t remember what she was doing. She had gloves on. Maybe she was helping Matthew.

Wesley was outside [Click headline title to read more…]

Our Crew – Their first day

Secret Haven Duck Greeter

We pull into the driveway of Secret Haven and are greeted by a white duck with a reddish lump on his head and neck. He’s not supposed to be in the main yard. He has his own yard and it’s no wonder why there are complaints, but who could complain about this sweet little door greeter?

Wesley and I only have two days into our initial cleaning when Matthew and Samantha arrive. Samantha was immediately thrilled with the animals.

What’s not to like about this place? In addition to the duck greeter, there is this yellow flower by the shed that bursts with joy. “Notice me!” It shouts out as we walk by.

We’re all trying to get the ducks back in their pen, but the flower will not stand by without a show of its own. I notice, and take the time to capture it, like it demanded.

How does one round up ducks that refuse to cooperate? This is not a process I planned for in my perfect little business process flow chart. You see, I did analytical thinking as a contractor many many years ago. The flow charting doesn’t stop in my mind, and these [Click headline title to read more…]

Initial Cleaning Begins

The initial cleaning for an estate sale

I can’t help but stare. I’ve never been in an estate before where I am looking at my own life. I am usually looking at the lives of others. Cleaning out this estate is interesting because I am looking into the faces of people I know.

Initial cleaning is a commonly known estate liquidation process. It seems like an injustice to the client to skip this part of the business, yet, it is skipped a lot.

Most clients believe their houses are clean enough, but not so to a liquidator! You see, when furniture is sold, it has to be removed from the house. That will leave a telltale sign of uncleaned areas that a house owner doesn’t think about.

When furniture is bought and moved out, the dirt is exposed for all the public to see.

This is one reason we do an initial cleaning. It’s more than just cleaning. We sort, categorize, move, clean, move something again, pick things up, take them elsewhere, and the cycle keeps going until the entire property has been conquered.

Cleaning an estate.

The main goals of the initial cleaning are to:

  • Clean…that’s a given!
  • Find treasures.
  • Remove trash and broken [Click headline title to read more…]
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