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Our Crew – Their first day

We pull into the driveway of Secret Haven and are greeted by a white duck with a reddish lump on his head and neck. He’s not supposed to be in the main yard. He has his own yard and it’s no wonder why there are complaints, but who could complain about this sweet little door greeter?

Wesley and I only have two days into our initial cleaning when Matthew and Samantha arrive.  Samantha was immediately thrilled with the animals.

What’s not to like about this place?  In addition to the duck greeter, there is this yellow flower by the shed that bursts with joy.  “Notice me!” It shouts out as we walk by.yellow flower

We’re all trying to get the ducks back in their pen, but the flower will not stand by without a show of its own.  I notice, and take the time to capture it, like it demanded.

How does one round up ducks that refuse to cooperate?  This is not a process I planned for in my perfect little business process flow chart.  You see, I did analytical thinking as a contractor many many years ago.  The flow charting doesn’t stop in my mind, and these ducks were scattering my flow charts all over wild creation and back.

Try as we might, they just had minds of their owns and they were not going back in the pen until they were ready to.  It didn’t really matter.  Wesley and I enjoy their company and even though it’s strange to have a duck follow you around, it was quite welcoming to all of us.  Even our new crew, Matthew and Samantha.

Duck duck go!

Duck duck go!

Wesley and I went into Clinton for a while and then we got a call from Matthew.  Animal control showed up.  They wanted the birds.

My heart sunk.

Before, this was just a different kind of estate to get through, but it stopped being a different estate and it started to be a treasure.  I enjoyed being there with the birds and the bunnies and the fish and my husband and the crew.  Everything was going just fine at Secret Haven.

I forgot about my own ruined lawn, and the person I hired that neglected it.  The finance person of the company I hired had no idea the work I paid for was not being done.  He and his friend volunteered to fix my yard in order to save the account.

I watched as his friend whipped through my yard during the time they said it would take to weed eat the entire yard down to the ground.  Cottage garden and all.  9 AM to Noon for that day, with both of them, then they would return the next day to finish.

Noon arrived and the co-owner of the company had to leave, but the other guy didn’t want to leave.  He asked if he could stay and work later.  A few hours later, he had completed, in one day, what I had been paying to get done for several months.

“Wesley, we can’t just let him volunteer!  We need to pay him.”

Wesley agreed.  This guy worked nearly non-stop trying to save our yard.  He volunteered in order to help his friend.

Who wouldn’t want Matthew working for them?

Secret Haven Duck GreeterAnimal control.

Wesley and I got back to Secret Haven and so Matthew explained what happened with the visitor.

Animal control want the birds gone.   We have until next Thursday to get them out of here or they will be back to take them.  The pen they were in was not permitted and the birds were not permitted and there were too many.  That didn’t sit well with the city.

I get it.  I get that there are codes, but I also get my uncle.  He’s a farmer.  Actually, it’s quite comical.  One has to wonder how he was able to have a farm in the city, for so many years, and no one knew.

I have to commend him for being very creative on a city lot.

Still, as caretakers of the property now, it is up to Wesley and me to get the property in compliance with city code.  The little Secret Haven farm had been found out and it wasn’t a secret to the city any more.

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