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Our First Day at Secret Haven

Why Secret Haven? I believe doors open and close, regardless of our plans and the direction we decide our life should go.  We have spent many years planning, but for whatever reason, we have wandered around in the dessert, not being able to find the path we’re supposed to be on. Is it something we have done wrong, or is it YHWH redirecting us?

A man’s heart plans his way, But יהוה establishes his steps. ~ Proverbs 16:9 (TS98)

My uncle moved to Ohio and is setting up his farming life there.  Wesley and I arrive at Secret Haven but we know it’s going to be a slower process than we are used to doing when it comes to estate liquidation.

I’m eager to get started with the initial clean up phase in our well documented processes, but life does not always go by processes.  Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, and sometimes you have to stop and listen to a duck before getting to work.

Secret Haven Duck Greeting.

I’m quite certain he’s not supposed to be out.  He wasn’t bashful about coming up close to us either.  The ducks are first on the list when we arrive, because two of them are out and we have to figure out how to get them back in their fence.

Once we started herding them towards the duck yard, we figured out how they get out.  They actually fit through the nylon mesh fence without any problems.  The female duck squished herself through and when she was on the other side, she squawked at her mate, who still trying to figure out how to get back in.  We had to drop the fence down to ground level then herd him in.

What difference did it make?  Before we even reached the chicken coop, the ducks were back out.

Our chores for the ducks, besides herding them, include changing their water and making sure their grain feeder is full.

Chickens and eggs are not normal estate sale processes!

There are 19 chickens, or at least I think that’s what I counted. They wouldn’t hold still.

Our chores for the chickens are to give them fresh water, fill their feeder with pellets, collect the eggs and give them fresh hay. They like to scratch the hay around the pen.

And rabbits too!

The rabbits share space with the chickens and our chores for them include feeding and watering.

And then there are the koi fish. Two ponds to be exact. The large pond has several big fish. The smaller pond in the back yard has baby koi and frogs in it.

Even though the chores are simple, Wesley and I are pretty clumsy, especially with the chickens.  I keep thinking they are going to attack, and I steer clear of them while I tend to them.

One of the brown ones wants to be friends and while I was getting food from the bin, she jumped up on the rim and made cute sounds while she watched me put food in the scoop.

Carrot Spice Cake

Secret Haven cleaning begins.Initial clean up begins.

Our processes for estate liquidation so far are Business Management, Marketing, Contracting and Initial Cleaning.

After the marketing with property assessment, we agreed on contracting details which bring us to the clean up.

With the animals taken care of, it was time to start on the processes I’m most comfortable with.

Clean up is like clockwork.

This is my analytical mind at work and I have a system I like and I’m comfortable with.  When I enter a house, I like to pick a starting point and work my way around the room, then move to the next room, then to the next room and so on.

If I jump from one place to the next then I forget what is done and what isn’t.  Cleaning a house is not my most comfortable processes, but when I’m cleaning, I’m dreaming of staging.  I’m like a kid in a candy store, finding treasures that will fit nicely in my staging puzzle I have designed for the house.   My mind is like an artist’s map.  Color themes, shapes, angles, lighting… it all comes into play like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on.

Home at last.

As I sort, de-clutter, move things and plan the staging, I am comforted to know things are different.  I’m in Tennessee.

Secret Haven and YHWH.

If YHWH put Wesley and me on this estate, then I want nothing more than to trust Him that everything will work out.

Until then, I am comfortable with estate liquidation and the familiar processes.  Secret Haven is healing my broken heart, but talking to YHWH is difficult.

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