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Our Six Pack

Chickens and more! It normally takes us two weeks to complete an estate sale, but from the very beginning of the Secret Haven account, we have been met with obstacles.   Yet, these obstacles are more like fighting for something you didn’t know you wanted, until it happens.

Lessons Learned

  • Having a homestead is a serious commitment and lives, such as animals and plants depend on you to be there for them.
  • The city has a LOT of ordinances to figure out.
  • The city of Knoxville has a lot of patience with people concerning ordinances.  Bravo to them for helping us get this estate straightened out.  Though, I miss the birds.

Chickens in Knoxville

  • Yearly permit is  required.
  • Chicken coop permit is required from the zoning department.
  • Secret Haven can only have six chickens with a permit.
  • No roosters allowed.
  • Coop has to be at least 10 feet from the property boundary.
  • Chickens can not be on a vacant lot.  A house on the lot is required.

Our Six Pack


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