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Our Vision Defined

Our vision is to open a coffee house, on a homestead that has a market garden, supplying affordable nutrition to our customers.  There is a stage for musicians, and a koi pond park where people can sit on porch swings and fellowship with each other.  Booth tents are set up along the walkway on Homestead Day and people can sample local produce, baked goods and made from scratch meals that are seasonal.  Locals can bring their homestead crafts and other products to sell.

Writing down our vision was the first step, but defining it, simply, like above, has been the most difficult part of coming up with a project plan that can be followed.

I have a love / hate relationship with Pinterest.

Let’s say I want to build a chicken coop.  I do a search on chicken coops and find a really neat looking one that is on Pinterest, for instance.  No problem.  Click the image and off I go to Pinterest.  That’s where the real issues begin with me.

That coop looks nice!  But then Pinterest shows you at least 20 more coops that are equally as nice, and then you find yourself looking at garden plans, duck houses, ponds, landscaping ideas, cottage decor, kitchen redesigns and the list goes on and on.  Suddenly, you’re feeling pretty inadequate because your yard, your lack of pond, lack of coop, house design, decor, and clothing aren’t measuring up to your idea of what they should be.  The clothing came about because while searching for all the other things, and following one image after another, you see someone wearing an outfit you like in their Pinterest picture perfect life.

Never mind that the idea was to find a coop design that can be built.

You’ve now just updated your to do list with projects you don’t really need, yet, and you’re going through your closet wondering if you can get rid of things that aren’t fashionable, and suddenly, the chicken coop plans are ignored.  There are other projects that took priority, even if it’s just to save the photos from Google, or Pinterest, or bookmark a YouTube video.

That’s exactly what is known as ‘scope creep’ and it can make one wander around in the planning world, never focusing on actual plans that can be followed.

Scope creep happens when a project is not defined well enough, and the requirements keep changing.  Or, worse yet, you have a plan but you try to do too many things and you have a lot of unfinished projects because you’re always adding to the plans.

Homesteading is just like that.   You start out with the idea that you’re going to live off the land, have a simple life and do everything yourself.

Fine.  That’s a good vision.  But then you find yourself with so many projects to do that it becomes overwhelming.  That’s not a simple life. That’s just going from one Rat Race into another.  Now the only thing you have accomplished is you have a Rat Race with little income.

There is a long list of things to do.  It can be daunting, frustrating, time wasting, exhausting, and it zaps the joy right out of you because everything on Pinterest is picture perfect.  Someone else has a homestead on YouTube that is perfect.  But you…you’re just getting started and you stare at a lawn full of grass, and you look at your money situation and you can’t afford to set up a homestead, much less a coffee house.

I became the victim of scope creep when I wanted it all.  I wanted the coffee house, the homestead, an RV park, a neighborhood of small houses, each with their own market garden, and so on.


In the past few years of having the coffee house shut down, I have figured out something.

Get the basics under control first!

  1. Blossom where you are.  It’s not going to do you any good to wish you were some place else if you are living in the city and you have no way of getting out.   It’s not good to be on one acre but plan to get started when you can move to 10 acres.  Get started now.  What can you do right now to blossom?  Write down your vision, and then start your plan.
  2. Get organized.  On top of all the projects normally associated with a homestead, you can count on a lot more requirements if you turn it into a business.  Add to that a coffee house, and now you are going to be inspected by people who can shut you down if you aren’t doing things properly.  You have to have a system to keep things organized.
  3. Make a list of the essential things your homestead has to have to function at a minimum.  For us it’s:
    • Clean drinking water.  This sounds funny coming from a city homestead, but our water is dangerous.  We had it tested and there is more chlorine in our drinking water than in a swimming pool.  It is so strong that it burns your eyes as it’s coming out of the tap.
    • Food
    • Shelter
    • Clothing (work clothes, casual, business dress)
    • Transportation
    • Cell phone  (Straight talk portable home phone is $15 / mo. and even though it’s not a traditional cell phone, it works, and we still have ours to this day, along with a cell phone.)
    • Internet access  (The library has free access and we have relied on that before.)
    • Wood for the fireplace, as this is our only source of heat.
    • Bunny food.
    • Dog food.
    • Vet care.
    • Bills & taxes (more on this in our financial management journal posts)
  4. Make a plan that can be followed.  Our project plan is simple and that will be in the next post.
  5. Make a list of all the projects you want to get accomplished, because if you don’t, you’re just going to waste time dreaming about it and filling up your computer folders with inspiration.  Bookmarks in your browser.  Pinned photos in Pinterest.  A thousand liked pages in Facebook that you’ll never be able to get back to.   Hundreds of YouTube channels that you can’t keep up with.   We have created a project list as a part of City Homestead, and the list will be updated with details as our journal entries are added.
  6. Breathe!  We live in a world where we can peer into everyone’s lives and if we aren’t careful, our own lives will never measure up.  There is one measuring stick to go by.  What does YHWH think about you?


Our project plan.




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