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Death on the Homestead and a Cold Heart

Death on the homestead was not expected. I just continue with my work as if it doesn’t matter that we missed the number one priority in setting up this homestead.

If you think starting a homestead is a walk in the park, then I would like to trade places with you. There seems to be a lot of rules, but death and rules are not the real problem on this homestead. Fear is.

Therein lies fifty percent of my problem. I am afraid. The other fifty percent will be discussed later, as I pursue a riddle that was told to me many years ago.

Weeds are so bad that none of us can see which plants are good and which ones are bad. As if that is not enough to contend with, the Tennessee bee inspector will be here today. There is one more thing to deal with, and that brings us to the reality that there is more to homesteading than just setting it up and living our lives happily ever after.

It was supposed to be a typical estate sale where everything we knew about estate sales could be applied. Though we knew it would take longer [Click headline title to read more…]

So much to do

So much to do

There is so much to do and it just seems like there are also too many hurdles to jump over. Perhaps I am rushing the journey, but there is a reason for it.

Have you ever chased after something and it seems like you will never catch it? Never finalize it. It will never resolve no matter how hard you try to solve the puzzle so you can see what the finished picture looks like.

I wasn’t expecting to do an estate sale that crossed paths with homesteading, and certainly not crossing paths with market gardening. I didn’t know about market gardening until a couple of years ago, if that.

But, my story goes back further than that.

But first, the present day has to be worked through.

I’m tired of putting out fires, but that seems to be what happens on my journey. I didn’t ask YHWH for a bunch of rabbits to care for. I didn’t ask Him for chickens. I didn’t ask Him for ducks.

What I asked Him for was the answer to a riddle. It was just a riddle, wasn’t it?


I forgot that you can’t inhale the steam from stacks of wood [Click headline title to read more…]

Abbey Fields Farm Trip

Sneaking Up On Abbey Fields Farm

An unexpected trip to Abbey Fields Farm in Knoxville, TN. I first learned about this farm while doing research on agriculture zoning within residential lots. My search brought up information about the Knoxville Urban Agriculture Initiative (KUAI), and this farm was listed through that.

Side note: KUAI sounds like it should be a Hawaiian island. LOL

Brenna Wright, owner of the farm, helped shaped the KUAI and she is a great inspiration for others who want a market garden in the Knoxville area.

Click here to learn more about the initiative: Knoxville Urban Agriculture Initiative

Visit Abbey Fields Farm Facebook Page or the Web site.


  1. Finalize the market garden vision. – This is our ideal direction we want to take. That doesn’t mean we will get everything we want, considering there are ordinances that might prevent some things. Regardless, we have to start some place.
  2. Learn about the Knoxville initiative and incorporate the guidelines into our own plans.
  3. Learn about how to set up a market garden and what plans are important to create.
  4. A list of crops we want to grow.

Chronological Journal: 2017 [Click headline title to read more…]

Trip to Knoxville Zoning

Knoxville City Zoning

Zoning is for the birds, and driving in Knoxville is not for us. We are better suited for small towns and country roads. Nonetheless, we are getting initiated in to life in a big city. The hard way. But we have to save the birds!

The zoning department rejected our plans because they don’t allow chickens on vacant lots. Well, at least not in residential zones.

The plans we submitted were for the Wade Lane address, which is the market garden lot. All the work! Planning, drawing, printing, and it was all rejected. *sigh*

In the end, we scribbled out our plans on a piece of paper in the zoning office. If I had known it was that easy to get a permit then I would have worked later yesterday and gone home to scribble out a plan.

All we had to do was move the coop to the same lot as the house, and make sure it’s at least ten feet from the property boundaries.

Steps we took to get a permit.

  • Drew up plans for the coop and its location.
  • Take the plans to the Knoxville Building Permits & Inspection – zoning department
  • 400 [Click headline title to read more…]
  • Mad Ducks

    Mad ducks at Secret Homestead

    We were given until the 11th to find homes for the ducks, but Animal Control people have changed their minds. With net in hands, ducks were going to be captured. In spite of the 11th deadline, Animal Control will be back tomorrow. I want to save the remaining birds but I can only do just so much at a time! Do this. Do that. Get a permit here. Get a permit there. Oy! Tote that bar. Lift that bale! On top of that, we have to get this estate sale ready.

    And just when you think you can’t take any more…

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    1. City Homestead
    Setting up a homestead in the city.  We are blogging about our experiences, beginning with the estate sale that brought us back to Tennessee, and then what brought us to leaving Tennessee in the first place.

    2. Domestic Kitchen
    Setting up a domestic kitchen in Clinton, TN. We are using the Tennessee Cottage Food law as a guideline.

    3. Market Garden
    Setting up a market garden.

    4. Coffee House
    Setting up a coffee house in Clinton, TN. After this phase is completed, we will have a commercial kitchen instead of a domestic kitchen.


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