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Progress Report


Our Little Homestead:

  • Chickens “not allowed” in the City of Clinton (Tennessee).  The rule is there has to be 1,000 feet on all sides, which really translates to no chickens allowed since there are no lots (or very little) that are big enough to meet that ordinance.

Secret Haven:

  • Yearly chicken permit: $25 – Paid 27SEP17.  Our chicken permit has been approved.
  • We have to set up a legal chicken coop and get it inspected.


Our Little Homestead:

  • Undecided about bees at this location.  We already have a lot of wild bees that pollinate the flowers.  Since this is a property for the coffee house, we may just forgo getting honey bees in order to ease customer’s fears if they know beehives are on the property.
Carrot Spice Cake

Secret Haven:

  • State health inspection has been completed.  Our bees are in good health.
  • We started with four hives but three of them died.   We are setting up the bee yard for spring, 2018.


We are getting our business plans added to the membership portion of the site.


Getting the area cleared where the coop and run will go.


  • Paid $50 for the chicken coop permit on 27SEP17.  Expires March, 2018 but we will be done long before then.
  • Still getting rid of the overgrowth.  We started cleaning up the lot in September.


We started a temporary compost pile and will move it when the permanent spot is set up.


Duckuaponics is our goal.


Fish are doing good.  They started tilting so we added bacteria to eat the algae and they needed more aeration for oxygen.  So far, it looks like they are not struggling and they don’t tilt when they swim.  We stopped feeding them when the water got cold.  This is hard to watch, because it just seems like we should be feeding them.  However, when the water reaches 50 degrees or less, the feeding stops.


Still working through the weeds and will update this when we find out what needs to be done.


Hummingbirds have left for the winter, but we will be ready for them when they return!


Still working through the weeds and will update this when we find out what needs to be done.


Our Little Homestead

Our plans are to build two greenhouses that will also serve as a dining rooms for the coffee house.

Secret Haven

Our plans are to build a greenhouse that will be used to start seedlings early, and to grow winter food.


We accidentally cut down a white walnut tree.  🙁  So sad.   There are other nuts on the property (besides the crew) and we will identify all the plants after the estate sale is over with.


Setting up and then will add our organization system in future posts.


Cleaning out the overgrowth so we can access the maintenance areas better.  Treated the large pond with bacteria.


Setting up a play area.


Hand watering everything for now.  City water.


Large branches are being removed from the property since we don’t have a chipper, and we have to clear out the overgrowth per city requirements.  Dumpster is too expensive so we are hauling out one load at a time on a trailer.

Small overgrowth items are being composted.

Mucking out the chicken coop, duck house and rabbit runs – this waste goes on the compost heap and will be used to fertilize the orchards.

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