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Secret Haven Estate Sale

The estate sale was supposed to be November 15-17 but it was rescheduled to December 6-8.   Some times clients need to change things and some times things happen that we weren’t expecting.

In the meantime, we are setting up another estate in Oak Ridge, TN and that has to be done ASAP.  Hardly any time to get it ready, but it should go by quickly then we will resume Secret Haven posts.

This also gives me time to get all the videos uploaded because I’m WAY behind.  Things are moving quickly because not only do we have two estate sales to set up for, but we are also gutting Our Little Coffee House of everything.   We’re reopening in May and we have a different theme we’re working on.

Coffee house, meet homestead.  Homestead, meet coffee house.  We’re putting a coffee house on the homestead so we can have the best of both worlds.

This morning, Wesley, Matthew and I distributed wood chips from a large pile at Our Little Homestead.  Everything was frosted over and we wanted to skip the wood chips and get right to the estate sale set up, but we are keeping on schedule.

Here’s our plan:

Do a quick project at the Clinton homestead (Our Little Homestead), which is the same property as Our Little Coffee House.  Currently, the project is distribute the many piles of wood chips because the gardens have to be ready for February.

Then, after we finish wood chips, we head to Secret Haven and work.

Then we head to the Oak Ridge estate and work the remainder of the day.

Then we head back to Secret Haven and take care of the animals before heading back to Our Little Homestead for the night.

Rinse and repeat.

Why don’t we just stick to one place, you might ask?

Animals, I tell ya!  It’s the animals!  The Secret Haven estate has animals on it and we are the care takers of them, and the property.

I look at this way.  When we’re done, we will have two homesteads, a coffee house and a market garden if all goes well.  Sooner or later, we will get done.  We may have another estate sale coming up in Andersonville, but no contract yet.

We’ll put the Oak Ridge gallery up on our Estate Freedom site on Sunday.   It’s a downsize, so it’s not a large estate.  We squeezed it in on our schedule because the client needed help right away.

I long to see the Secret Haven property with nothing in the yard.  Right now, it’s getting set up for an estate sale and we have things staged all over the place. I really want to sit by the pond in Spring, watching the garden grow.

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