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Thank you for being a part of our start up site and we look forward to many years ahead as a community.  Check out our [Upcoming Content] page.  Don't forget to join us in our [Facebook City Homestead Group]!  Also, check out our [Affiliate Program]!

Start Here

This site involves a huge project, and in order to make it easier to navigate, a Start Here page will give you a quick reference if you get lost!

Communicate With Us

  • In person – meet us at our estate sales, or join us for our market garden planning.  We will be meeting regularly in Knoxville and Clinton, TN
  • Facebook – Join our City Homestead Facebook group.
  • Forum –  Our own homestead forum.  It’s new, so for now, it will take time to build.
  • Comments – You will need to register in order to comment on our posts.  It’s free to register!

Top Navigation

At the very top of the page, you will see text links.  Each one of those links opens a major section of the site.

  • Start Here – You are reading this page right now.
  • Blog – is the blog section.  This blog is open to the public, as well as subscription based memberships.
  • Co-Op – Our Little Homestead, offering fresh produce and cottage foods in the Clinton and Knoxville Tennessee areas.
  • Calendar – Contains our daily, weekly, monthly and other events.  Includes business filings, crop schedule, homestead events, road trips, etc.
  • Coffee House – A quick link to Our Little Coffee House’s site.
  • Directory – Homestead blogroll, business listings, government listings pertaining to the businesses we are involved in, crop notes and other things that can be looked up.
  • Forum – Our homestead social media site.
  • Market Garden –  Open source market garden plans.
  • Projects – Our list of projects, notes and details.


You will see a navigation section titled JOURNALS.  If you are on a desktop, the navigation appears in the left column.  If you are visiting with a small screen, you will need to scroll until you see it.

This site has different levels of access.

  1. Public – Posts and pages that anyone can see, without a subscription plan.  You won’t see this in the journal section, though.  If you do not have a subscription plan, you can scroll until you see the topic PUBLIC.  You will be able to read the articles under that category.
  2. Homestead Journal – This contains video journals.  Even though they are behind-the-scenes, the information you have access to is not in depth with business plans.  If you subscribe, you will not only see the videos, but other pages will show up on your screen that are not available to the public.  For more information, please visit About This Site.
  3. Behind-The-Scenes – This subscription plan includes the videos as well as detailed plans.  We get into the details of our businesses, and include open source plans.

If you want to keep up with the story in the order the journal entries are posted, the easiest way is to visit the journal index you want to follow.

  • City Homestead Journal
    • Season 1:  2017  (you will not be able to view this page if you don’t have a Homestead Journal subscription)
    • Season 2: 2018
  • Project Plan Index – This page is open to the public; however, not all of the links are available to the public.  The details of the plans are only available to the Behind-The-Scenes subscribers.


Go Behind The Scenes
Want to go behind the scenes and watch our videos, get detailed plans, and join our community?  Visit the [About This Site] for more details.  You can click on the links at the very top of the page to see more sections of the site that are open to the public.

You can also subscribe to our [YouTube channel]  and our [Facebook group].



  1. Add all the September and October journal entries.

  2. Member page.

  3. Set up Market Garden section.

  4. Finish adding content to the Action Plan.

  5. Add inspiration photos to the action plan > to schedule

  6. Set up bee binders.