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This is not really happening is it?

Note to self:  Always have a copy of your business license, your contract and permission to be on a property you are setting up for an estate sale.

Knoxville PoliceHave you ever seen an estate liquidator during the initial clean up phase, in the heat of the summer?

Yeah.  It’s not a pretty picture.

I once tried to wear makeup at work and it was the most uncomfortable feeling as the hot sun heats up my face.  The makeup feels like it slithers down my cheeks and falls to the ground.  On top of that, my hair is a matted mess in a pony tail, because styling it makes no sense when you’re going to clean a house from top to bottom.

The whole crew looks like they’re worn to a frazzle by the time the day is over.  Moving furniture is not easy at all, and especially not in the heat of Tennessee, but we are about to get a little added heat.

It looks like we are stealing, but we aren’t!

Matthew was moving metal around and Samantha was…I don’t remember what she was doing.  She had gloves on.  Maybe she was helping Matthew.

Wesley was outside moving things.  We’re always moving things around in estate liquidation.  It’s true.  It’s non stop moving.

Someone I worked with in Maryland once said; “I pick things up I put things down.”  I remember telling him not to complain.  It’s a job.  I think that phrase came from something on TV but I don’t remember what he said it came from.  He was right.

We’re all moving things around and this does not look good at this moment.  The moment where cops show up.

It’s that moment where I suddenly wish I had my business license with me; and proof that I have permission to be on the property.  Two Knox County police officers look very authoritative and I have no way of proving I’m supposed to be here.

So, who are we and why are we here?

“He’s my uncle and he hired us to get his property ready for an estate sale.”   I said, sure that that should be good enough.

Really, has any robber ever come up with an excuse like that before?  Obviously, I’m original, because if I was really a robber I wouldn’t have thought of using an an estate sale as an excuse why I’m on this property.

Not good enough.


I call my cousin.  “The cops are here.  Will you please talk to him?”  Not giving my cousin any time to answer, I just hand my phone to the officer closest to me.  Besides, he was the one doing all the talking, so why not?

I’m so glad my cousin is not the cruel type to play a joke on me and say he doesn’t know who I am.

Cousin and cop chatting a few hundred miles apart and I think this will be it.

Not good enough.

And then it happens.  What more could possibly go wrong?


A car pulls up behind the patrol car and a guy gets out, yelling.  “He’s dead!”

Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  I have told everyone why we are on the property.  I told the cops where my uncle moved to, and my cousin chatted with them as well.

“He’s dead!”

Sometimes it’s really hard to like people, but you have to try anyway.

“All of you stay here.”  The more authoritative cop of the two decided the property needed to be searched.

I told Matthew and Samantha to stop working and to come over by Wesley and me.  We are all told to stay here because they want to search the place.

We all watch as they disappeared in the house and were gone for a few minutes.

Satisfied, they return to nearly the same spot they stood when they questioned us to begin with.   They give us a few words of wisdom and leave.  License.  Contract.  Proof.  Permission.  Something in writing.

Yes, I know this, but I am not used to working so close to home and it’s just so very cool to actually get to drive home after work!  I leave everything in my office and didn’t think about it, until now.

Carrot Spice Cake

Carry the contract.  Always.

Must have proof at all times while on an estate, but this is not the first time this has happened.

3 AM and there is a loud LOUD knock on not just one door, but both doors, front and back in Maryland.  BANG BANG BANG!!!  If that is not enough to snap you out of your sleep, I don’t know what will!

I peek out the window to see police officers shining their flashlights through the windows.  This does not look good.  We have Tennessee license plates and we are in Maryland at a house we are not linked to, except that we have permission to be there but who on earth is going to call the executor at 3 AM and ask if someone is supposed to be in their house?

Not the neighbors, but can you blame them?

The police usually walk in the house and see the price tags all over everything.  What robber is going to go in and price everything?  They laugh.  We laugh.  We get proof for them that we are supposed to be on the property.  In fact, most clients want someone on the property for security.

It is not the first time the cops have been called on us and it won’t be the last time.

Work resumes.

Better organization begins.

Chronological Journal: 2017 Journal


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