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A man’s heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.   ~ Proverbs 16:9

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Welcome to City Homestead!  Winter is upon us and we are busy getting our plans digitized for this site.   

We will be using Nov-Jan to:

  • Tweak our Web site.
  • Add content to the site from our hand written notes, and other files.
  • Updating last year’s calendar for 2019.
  • Getting caught up with our our YouTube channel video uploads.
  • Planning the Heart of an Entrepreneur section and the business section.

Please report site problems to us so we can complete our test phase of this site.

This is a new site.  Please click on the START HERE link at top of page for a quick tour of the site.


  • Add products to the store.  (Coming soon)
  • Finish adding 2017 videos (currently up to December has been posted on YouTube)
  • Add 2018 videos
  • Add affiliate program support pages.  (The program is activated and members can still participate).
  • Add support center
  • Add members only community forum.
  • Set up The Heart of an Entrepreneur site.
  • Set up Q&A section.

We are currently in PHASE 1: SURVIVAL of our homestead plans. 

Working on setting up a basic homestead plan for the Secret Haven property.  To go behind the scenes, please check out the HOMESTEAD MEMBERSHIP for $5 / year.

If you prefer, you can also visit the Homestead site and view the public content.


  • Test Membership Site
  • Test Affiliate program
  • Set up Homestead Course
  • Add digital version of our homestead infrastructure

Our Heart of an Entrepreneur journal is in the planning stages right now.  You can subscribe to get updates on our set up and launching. 

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An interactive book series titled The Heart of an Entrepreneur. It’s about losing everything in the search of finding a career that satisfies the heart.  The journey has been one of tears, fear, anger, doubt and poverty. 

The drug of choice?  Sugar. 

It all started in the patrol car of a police officer who said he knew God.


Duck to Swan – overcoming the addiction to sugar, the ugly things we tell ourselves, and learning to love and trust the One who created us.

This is the most in-depth look behind the scenes City Homestead has to offer.

Ever put your dreams on a back burner for “some day” and then you find yourself way past “some day” and your dreams are rotting on the back burner?

Well, The Heart of an Entrepreneur is about the rotting dreams.  It’s not just about business.  It’s about learning the language of music, learning a foreign language,  learning to dance, learning to play an instrument, and so much more…at the middle age stage in life.

Our business site is in the planning stages right now.  You can subscribe to get updates on our set up and launching. 

Please click the MEMBERSHIPS page and scroll until you see the Business plan.  Enter your email to get notices.



Our major projects are defined more in the Homestead Membership plan. 

Poverty can be a tool that teaches us to blossom where we are; or a weapon to destroy us.  The choice is ours.

City Homestead is about losing everything and having to start over, and over, and over again.

Our vision is to develop a network of city homestead properties…but first, we have to learn as we go, and Secret Haven is a place for us to explore our options, learn how to homestead, and develop plans to duplicate our prototype.

  1. Learn to trust the One who created us, because obviously, we are not the ones in control of the universe. 
  2. Learn a lifestyle of Biblical principles.  Perhaps losing everything has brought us to this point and perhaps that’s the only way YHWH could draw us to Him to change our hearts and the direction we were heading.
  3. Work with the State of Tennessee and local government to develop homestead friendly ordinances in the city.
  4. Set up a prototype homestead and blossom where we are, and share what we learn.
  5. Create an income from our homestead that sustains us.
  1. Secret Haven – our prototype homestead. (In progress and filming.)
  2. City Homestead – our online community, blog, and project management site. (In progress.)
  3. Affordable Nutrition – a market garden and food co-op (Currently setting up the gardens.)
  4. Secret Haven Cottage – our prototype short term rental.  A bed and breakfast retreat. (Currently in the planning stages.)

We have chosen to not take out a bank loan to implement our vision, goals and projects.

We are praying as we go, learning as we go, raising money as we go, and waiting to see what happens.

Our solution is to blossom where we are. If that means we can only work on bits and pieces at a time because we have to work to earn the money for materials, then that’s what we do.


A: City Homestead

  • Launch the main site.
  • Launch the Homestead membership site.
  • YouTube channel videos to bring our story to the present day.
  • Launch The Heart of an Entrepreneur site.
  • Launch the business site.

B: Secret Haven

  • Set up the basic infrastructure
  • Set up a kitchen garden.
  • Set up the short-term cottage rental
  • Set up the market garden beds
  • Stay in this phase until we can afford to open a market garden business.

C: Food Co-op

  • Set up the market garden.
  • Set up a domestic kitchen.
  • Produce products for the market.
  • Stay in this phase until we are ready to pursue future plans, if feasible.

C. Future projects we hope for:

To be announced as we approach this stage.


Secret Haven is the name we gave to a property in Knoxville, TN.  We’re using this property to learn how to homestead, set up multiple streams of income, and pretty much figure out how to get from point A to point B. 

We are learning as we go!

There really is no other way to describe this phase!

Image showing up for an estate sale job, then ending up with the property, and you don’t know how to farm.

Now imagine it’s a farm within the city of Knoxville, and it’s not legal.

As if that is not bad enough, imagine that you have no money to work with, and you have to figure out how to survive.

That’s where we are.  Phase 1.


  • Make it through poverty.
  • Plan the infrastructure (to be)
  • Come up with start up solutions for the infrastructure so we can survive. (A very basic infrastructure)
  • Make plans for a market garden.

We see potential for Secret Haven to be turned into a market garden.  The City of Knoxville welcomes urban agriculture and so we plan to turn the property into a city homestead and market garden.

We will stay in this phase until we earn enough money to transform one of the buildings on the property into a short-term rental.

Secret Haven will be a unique destination for Knoxville. 

The City of Knoxville approves short-term rentals and we plan to offer a market garden getaway.

Guests will be able to stay in a small cottage and they will be able to pick their own produce for their meals, get fresh baked goods, fix a pizza in the cob oven, and experience a peaceful setting, even though they are in a large city.



5915 Wade Lane

Knoxville, TN 37912

(865) 236-0747

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