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Carrot Spice CakeGet our Carrot Spice Cupcake recipe! [ Click here ]  Your purchase will help us build a market garden and bring affordable nutrition to our communities.

Our Market Gardening section is open now.  We will continually add content to the site as our garden season progresses throughout the year.  [ Click to visit ]

01-City Homestead

City Homestead & Country Too! Open source market gardening and homestead plans.


The public journal begins in August, 2017, with an estate sale in Knoxville, Tennessee, on a property we call Secret Haven.  If you are just joining this site, you might want to start here.

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SEASON 1: 2017

We are currently adding the videos from September to December.  It’s a slow process because we have lots of videos to set up.  Please be patient.  Click the Season 1: 2017 link above to see a chronological list of entries so far.

SEASON 2: 2018

Currently filming and editing.

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