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2017 Journal

Back to Tennessee

Back to Tennessee – Will this be the last time?

Tennessee doesn't feel like home.  It feels more like a place where we show up once and a while, only to leave again.  Wesley and I had just finished working an estate sale in Maryland.  It has been like this since 2009; back and forth, back and forth.   A ...
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Secret Haven Property Assessment

Secret Haven Property Assessment

The one thing we want most of all is to be back in Tennessee!  An important part of estate liquidation is to do a property assessment.  Not all properties are acceptable to take on for an estate sale, but we believe every house has treasures.  Secret Haven also has living ...
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Secret Haven cleaning begins.

Our First Day at Secret Haven

Why Secret Haven? I believe doors open and close, regardless of our plans and the direction we decide our life should go.  We have spent many years planning, but for whatever reason, we have wandered around in the dessert, not being able to find the path we're supposed to be ...
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Learn homesteading by walking through it

New Chapter – Learning homesteading by walking through it

Homesteading in the city is restricted.  In Knoxville, only 6 chickens are allowed and it is illegal to have them without a permit. The police are leaving notices but we have never taken on an estate sale like this before. Still, we are determined to turn this estate sale into ...
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The initial cleaning for an estate sale

Initial Cleaning Begins

I can't help but stare.  I've never been in an estate before where I am looking at my own life.  I am usually looking at the lives of others.  Cleaning out this estate is interesting because I am looking into the faces of people I know. Initial cleaning is a ...
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Secret Haven Duck Greeter

Our Crew – Their first day

We pull into the driveway of Secret Haven and are greeted by a white duck with a reddish lump on his head and neck. He's not supposed to be in the main yard. He has his own yard and it's no wonder why there are complaints, but who could complain ...
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Knoxville Police

This is not really happening is it?

Note to self:  Always have a copy of your business license, your contract and permission to be on a property you are setting up for an estate sale. Have you ever seen an estate liquidator during the initial clean up phase, in the heat of the summer? Yeah.  It's not ...
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