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Carrot Spice CakeGet our Carrot Spice Cupcake recipe! [ Click here ]  Your purchase will help us build a market garden and bring affordable nutrition to our communities.

Our Market Gardening section is open now.  We will continually add content to the site as our garden season progresses throughout the year.  [ Click to visit ]

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Journal EntriesJOURNAL

Journal entries showing what we’re working on, updates, what we think and why we think it, etc.  Though we may not post on a daily basis, when we do add journal entries, the post will most likely identify additional content.  Example:  We might be working on a project and when we post an update, we may also add something to the project list, or to our action plan.


Live video events,  vlogs and written schedule for task management, staff schedules, projects and other things that need to be tracked.   Click  to learn about our Action Plan.   We use critical, urgent, routing and tasks to schedule to manage our tasks.  If a post contains a to do item that is labeled critical, we add the post to the critical page under the ACTION PLAN widget.  (requires membership plan to view details of our tasks)

Business Management


Open source business management plans and discussions in reference to homesteading for profit, market gardens, coffee house / shop,  and estate liquidation.


Calendar of Events

Carrot Spice Cake


We keep a monthly calendar of chores that have to be done as we identify them.  This calendar is also used to track our crops, planting, harvest, business meetings, community events, and more.




The story begins in August, 2017, when Wesley and Colleen Crawford were working in Maryland setting up estate sales.   They return home to Tennessee to set up another estate sale, but this estate is different.  It is the estate of a city farmer who needed help getting out of the situation he was in concerning his little secret farm in Knoxville.  Not so much a secret any more, the Crawfords have a different idea than selling the estate.

Duck to SwanDUCK TO SWAN

This is the story of changing our lifestyle from unhealthy eating, thinking and overcoming overcoming the obstacles in our way.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, but sometimes it takes us longer than others to find our way into the arms of our Creator.

This about the journey of looking at ourselves through the eyes of our Creator, instead of through the eyes of criticism.

The Heart of an Entrepreneur


The heart of an entrepreneur can baffle people who do not understand what makes us tick.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who faces many obstacles in order to continue being an entrepreneur.  But there are two major opponents that must be defeated first.

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