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About City Homestead - Index PageA husband and wife lose everything, then they have to figure out where they belong in this world.  A city farmer wants to move out of state and the husband and wife takes over his property. They plan to turn the property into a market garden, but first, they have to defeat the adversary that holds them back, and they have to learn how to survive before they can fulfill their dreams.

City Homestead’s mission is to transform lives by way of teaching homesteading skills to the poor, with the goal of transitioning from poverty stricken, homelessness, and broken people, to living an abundant life according to Scripture.

Poverty is a tool that can destroy you, or it can be used to bring out creative ways to improve your life.  The choice is yours to blossom where you are, or shrivel up and quit.  

City Homestead is our canvas to tell our story, and our ministry to help others overcome poverty.




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About This Site

If we could narrow down our message to one sentence, it would be:Blossom where you are!City Homestead is about blossoming where you are, in spite of your circumstances.   If we wait for the right time, the right place, the right amount of money, or any other condition we put on ...
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Who we are City Homestead is founded by Wesley and Colleen Crawford. 5915 Wade Lane, Knoxville, TN 37912 Our domain Our website address is: City Homestead operates a WordPress multi-site platform with several sub blogs linked from the main blog. Example: / / etc. What personal data ...
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This site involves a huge project, and in order to make it easier to navigate, a Start Here page will give you a quick reference if you get lost! EPISODES If you want to keep up with our story in the order the journal entries are posted, the easiest way ...
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DISCLAIMER: FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!We are not professional business planners, nor are we lawyers and can not give business or legal advice. What we are doing is documenting our own journey and providing details of how and why we are doing things the way we are doing them. It is up ...
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What does it take and how much does it cost to run this multi-blog network site?  This page is set up to explain the breakdown of software and costs of running this site. DOMAIN NAME is registered through HOVER.  If you would like to register your domain name, please ...
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