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City Homestead's Navigation GuideThis site involves a huge project, and in order to make it easier to navigate, a Start Here page will give you a quick reference if you get lost!


If you want to keep up with our story in the order the journal entries are posted, the easiest way is to visit the public episodes sitemap.  We began in August, 2017.


At the very top of the page, you will see text links for top navigation bar. Depending on your browser and screen size, the menu may stick to the top of the page, or collapse into a mobile menu. The mobile menu looks something like this:

Mobile Menu Icon
  • HOME – Returns you to if you are on the main site, or to the home page of a sub site.  If you are within a sub site, then clicking ‘CITY’ in the top navigation menu will return you to
  • START HERE – You are reading this page right now.
  • ABOUT – The Start Here page is a sub page of the About category.  You can click on the links above to learn more about City Homestead.
  • BLOGS & SECTIONS – Takes you to the main sections of our site.  All of the sections have some public content available so you won’t have to register to access the main sections; however, registration opens much more content and videos.
  • MEMBERSHIPS – These plans give various access rights to sub blogs of our site.
  • My Account – Manage your account information, such as membership, shopping, affiliate and other related links to your interaction with our site.


The account menu shows up just under the header, above the video/article section.  The menu will change depending on which sub section you are in. 

For instance, the Homestead section has a checklist link that appears, but it is not the same menu item in the other sections.

This menu includes your shopping cart, support, courses relate to the section of the site (such as the homestead checklist previously mentioned.)


Our icon menu shows image buttons related to other sections of our site, or external links.  This menu is located under the video on the main site.

  • Tip Jar – This is a link to our Cash App page if you would like to support our site, channel and projects.  It is also a tutorial on how to set up your own tip jar or donation link using Square’s Cash App.
  • Q&A – Ask us a question and we will do the best we can to provide an answer.  We get different questions asked about our lifestyle, income, and various topics.  We will populate the Q&A as questions are asked.  Only members of our site can use the Q&A form; however, some of the questions are answered to where the public can view.  Please check the Q&A archives for public answers.
  • YouTube – This icon takes you to our YouTube channel.


City Homestead is one domain with many sub domains, operating with the WordPress multi-site platform. Our site is made up of a few major sections (or blogs that are separate from the main site.)

  • HOMESTEAD– This is in part, public, and in part, membership.  You can read blog posts that correspond to our YouTube channel without a membership.  Members only content includes videos, action plan, infrastructure, live streams, project videos, calendar, crops schedule and more.  You can bookmark it here:
  • JOURNAL – (Coming Soon) This site has very limited public information and is mostly a member’s only section.  Please see MEMBERSHIPS for more information.  Access to additional blogs with this subscription also includes:
    • Art
    • Music
    • Writing
  • BUSINESS – (Coming Soon) This site is where we post our business plans, processes, videos and other business related information.  Please see MEMBERSHIPS for more information.
  • DIRECTORY– (Coming Soon) A list of links we use, including other homestead channels, products, services and references.
  • PROJECTS – (Coming Soon) A link to our projects site.