Add Tip Jar to Your Site


Tip JarClicking this tip jar image opens our Cash App form provided by Square Inc.  Our unique cash tag is automatically added and any tip sent to us will help us keep City Homestead going.

We hear a change jingle on our cell phone letting us know someone likes our content and wanted to give us a tip. 

Notice:  The Cash App form has very light gray fields that you will need to fill out.  Hopefully they will update their form design and use darker colors to outline the fields.


We also allow content writers on our site to get paid through their own Cash App account and City Homestead does not take any of their earnings.

Why don’t we take any of their tips?  Because, we want our writers to be blessed.  It is City Homestead’s goal to make money from other income streams, and not from our guest writer’s creativity.

When you click on a blog post or page you will find that each author has a tip jar in their “About the Author” sidebar widget.   Any tips you send to the author goes directly to their Cash App, not ours. 

We don’t see any of the money and we don’t even know how much they receive.  That’s between them, Square Inc., and whomever they are required to report their income to.

They are freelance writers subject to the laws that apply to them.


Want your own tip jar on your site?  Here’s how!

Step 1: You need a Web site!

Well, that’s an obvious step in the process, but can you imagine how many emails we will get by the process police who want to point out the obvious even though it is assumed you will already have a site?

Okay, maybe there are no process police, but you will need a Web site.  We use WordPress as our platform and you can learn more about our WordPress tweaks on our WEBMASTER page.

Step 2: You need a Cash App account

Sign up for a Cash App account if you don’t already have one.

Clicking our Cash App referral link could give you (and us) a $5 sign up bonus.

You need to choose a Cash App tag that is unique, so keep trying if your preferred name is unavailable.  Your Cash Me app tag will look like ours, except it will be whatever name you chose.  Ours is $cityhomestead

A. Download Cash App from the link provided under the Step 2 title.

B. Follow the sign up instructions on the app, choosing your unique tag.

Step 3: Create a Button or Link

Tip JarCreate an image for your Web site that matches the theme you want.  We used a canning jar because our pantry is filled with jars.  It just seemed to suit our theme.

Feel free to use our image as well, or create your own.  Right click the image and save as…

The link you add to the image, or the text link if you aren’t going to use an image, will look like this:  Except make sure you change the tag to your own unique tag!$cityhomestead

Step 4: Market your site

How will you get paid if no one knows you exist?