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Carrot Spice CakeGet our Carrot Spice Cupcake recipe! [ Click here ]  Your purchase will help us build a market garden and bring affordable nutrition to our communities.

Our Market Gardening section is open now.  We will continually add content to the site as our garden season progresses throughout the year.  [ Click to visit ]

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What kind of commission will I get?

We have three types of commission:

  • Public:  10% on directly referred sale and 3% recurring, tier 2 commissions on your referral’s referred sales. No subscription to our membership site is required.  Just sign up for the affiliate program and start spreading the word that we exist!
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When will I get paid?

We pay on the first of each month through PayPal.

How long are my referrals tracked?

We track with a cookie for 60 days, so even if they don’t buy anything right away, you will still get credit for the sale if they purchase up to 60 days later!

What will I be selling?

  • During the start up phases of City Homestead, your affiliate links will be the membership subscription. For more information about our membership subscriptions, please check out the About This Site page.
  • In 2018, we are adding a shopping cart that will feature jewelry, collectibles, and other odds and ends.
  • Digital downloads, such as recipes, business plans, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Crafts, soaps, and other homestead related non-food products.


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