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Our journal begins in August, 2017, with an estate sale in Knoxville, Tennessee, on a property we call Secret Haven.

If you are just joining this site, you might want to start with 2017 season, to see the public posts in chronological order.

You can get up to date on the story, or start in our current season.

Visiting the public entries will also give you an idea of whether or not you find the content of City Homestead valuable enough to invest $5 (though we are certain it will because we also offer open source plans in the membership plan).

We appreciate your support and hope to communicate with you in the comment section, the forums and the members only articles and posts.


  • Learning homesteading by walking through it.
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Infrastructure
    • Budget
    • Ordinances / Laws
  • Day to day journal entries with videos.
  • Off-Grid in the City
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Seasonal Chores, events, crop schedule and more.
  • Homestead plans.
  • Action plan – getting things done.  (with our actual data – you can see how we operate the homestead)

Journal EntriesJOURNAL

Journal entries (video and written) showing what we’re working on, updates, what we think and why we think it, etc.  The videos are only available to members.



Live video events, vlogs and written schedule for task management, staff schedules, projects and other things that need to be tracked. 

Calendar of Events


We keep a monthly calendar of chores that have to be done as we identify them. This calendar is also used to track our crops, planting, harvest, business meetings, community events, and more.

Financial Management


Homestead budget information.

Wesley and Colleen Crawford set up and conduct estate sales in Tennessee, but did extensive traveling to Maryland for estate sales.

In August of 2017, they went back to Tennessee to work on an estate sale for Colleen’s uncle. 

Her uncle had set up a farm in the city, which was not acceptable to the City of Knoxville. 

Working with the city, Wesley and Colleen were able to get the property in compliance with ordinances, but her uncle decided to move to Ohio to be with his sons.

That left Wesley and Colleen with an opportunity to take over the property…

…but they don’t know how to homestead, and especially not in the city!

City Homestead is a behind-the-scenes look at setting up a homestead, with step-by-step plans that evolve as the story unfolds.

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

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The Heart of an Entrepreneur


The heart of an entrepreneur can baffle people who do not understand what makes us tick.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who faces many obstacles in order to continue being an entrepreneur. But there are two major opponents that must be defeated first.

This is a series of interactive online books and writing notes, plans and learning how to write stories and develop characters.

Plan: $25/year


  • Frequent video journal entries and status updates
  • On camera chats with Wesley and Colleen
  • Live streams
  • Writing
  • Art
  • Music
  • Business brainstorming


Duck to SwanDUCK TO SWAN

This is the story of changing our lifestyle from unhealthy eating, walking through fear, and overcoming the obstacles in our way.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, but sometimes it takes us longer than others to find our way into the arms of our Creator.

This is about the journey of looking at ourselves through the eyes of our Creator, instead of through the eyes of criticism.

Journal EntriesJOURNAL

Journal entries (video and written) showing what you don’t see in the public or homestead videos. The subscription is the most in depth look behind the scenes.


Our brainstorming related to the Action Plan; including business management strategies, financial, ideas, and more details than what is offered in the homestead journal.



The words echo in my head as I stare at the flames in the fireplace.  We are burning the porch rails to stay warm.

It is nothing for people to criticize us, not knowing our story.  For years we remained silent, taking the cruel words to heart.  But this is our story.  And this is our response.


And what if poverty is just an antagonist in a story, where the protagonist is just passing through on a complicated journey, trying to find out the will of YHWH?  Perhaps it is there to stop us from getting from point A to point B?

Should we quit trying to reach the end of the journey just because the road got tougher?

What if poverty chose us, so we would know how to help others overcome?


I see the destination in my heart’s eye, but I don’t know where it came from and I don’t know how to get there.

I see people who just want a chance to get out of poverty, but they don’t know how.  I also envision property set up with a series of small homesteads and people are there to learn how to set up and manage a homestead.

They were once homeless.  They came from shelters who could only offer temporary space, and they have already overcome some of the obstacles that they faced, but they just want to learn a different way of life.  They need a long-term solution so they can learn the basics of homesteading.

They train in food service, market gardening, short-term rentals, business management.  They work towards being able to purchase their own homestead, and then they move on and someone else enters the program.


Why did we lose everything?  Is YHWH mad at us?

What if circumstances are meant to change you in order to change your direction?  Were it not for poverty, I would not be seeking the path my heart now desires.  Gone are the days of the Corporate Rat Race as I prepare to walk through my dreams.  YHWH gave me a new heart and new path.

My husband and I journal the path we are on and share our experiences, lessons learned, business management, financial management, joys, tragedies, disappointments, and most of all, trying to find out what the Scriptures that we can look back on to use as a measuring stick.

Sometimes we can’t see the purpose or timing of the things we go through, but when we assemble the blog posts and videos, we are able to find Scripture that makes the journey more understandable.

Please join us as we document our journey of homesteading.

~ Colleen Crawford ~

Business Membership

If you have already subscribed, you can manage your subscription on the ACCOUNT page.


Our vision for City Homestead is to work with poor and use some of our profits to help them set up small homesteads of their own.

But first…before we can even launch this membership and program, we have to walk through it ourselves.  We do not have a launch date yet, and are learning how to be homesteaders right now.

Please see the Homestead membership above if you would like to support our mission.  It’s just $5 per year to join the Homestead membership and when we have walked the journey ourselves, we will be able to walk it with those who need a blessing.

City Homestead & Country Too! Open source market gardening and homestead plans.


This membership provides open source business plans for market gardening, food co-op, estate liquidation and other business ventures.



Our Little Homestead is a for-profit, privately funded organization that provides a work exchange program for the homeless and poverty stricken citizens. At the end of the program, interns will be able to set up their own homestead, whether in the city or country, and will be able to provide water, food, income and other necessities they could not previously provide.


City Homestead has three core projects for Secret Haven, our prototype homestead for Our Little Homestead.

1. Education

Our plans include an open source training environment for learning about the homestead infrastructure and business model we use for our properties.

2. Homestead Management

The goal of homesteading is to become as self-sufficient as possible, while working within the constraints of zoning and ordinance requirements. Secret Haven provides a prototype for implementing and maintaining our infrastructure plans.

3. Business Management

If one is business savvy, the ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible from the homestead, so that not only can you sustain yourself, but you also have an income.

Our business model can be adapted to many types of homesteading income, but is primarily based on market gardening, and creating products to sell to the community and online.

Core Processes

Now that we have identified the goals Secret Haven requires, we just have to identify the core processes to accomplish the goals. The details of our plans are available through a City Homestead BUSINESS subscription.

City Homestead Market Garden

The Market Garden section of City Homestead is the behind the scenes and business plan of gardening for profit.

Our open source approach gives details, from start to finish on set up, along with day to day operations.

The journal entries are about trial, error, lessons learned, concept development, planning, implementing the plans, and maintaining the business.


Included in this plan

  • Concept Development (market garden and food co-op)
  • Office Set Up
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Cottage Food Act
  • Business Plan
  • Master Garden Plan
  • Operations Manual
  • Soil Building
  • Supplies
  • Crop Notes
  • Product Notes
  • Potting Shed
  • Seedling Nursery
  • Planting & Care
  • Harvesting
  • Washing Station

Plans Also Include:

  • Business management (Based on TN laws but you can modify things for your location)
  • Estate sales
  • Streamed business meetings
  • Planning meetings
  • Short term rentals
  • Property management
  • Hospitality
  • Food service

  • Cold Storage
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

Planning stages.